Stream: Theophilus London Provides Futuristic ‘Vibes’ On New Kanye West Exec-Produced Album

Theophilus London has gifted fans with a stream of his forthcoming album Vibes, ahead of its Nov. 4 release date.

“In my process of creating, I didn’t want to say, ‘OK. This is what the album title’s going to be’ and start creating around that. I more so want to be free and creative at all times. In the whole two-year process, I was tweaking the album up until the last hours of handing it in,” London said in an interview with The Fader. The “Why Even Try” rapper definitely provides a vibe for almost every genre of music, for vintage R&B lovers on “Figure It Out,” to your favorite Dance club on “Tribe.”

The 12-track effort also features guest spots from Soko, Jesse Boykins III, Leon Ware, Devonte Hayes, and attributes the exec-prodcuer title to Kanye West. London’s sophomore project showcased Yeezy’s vast musicality when it comes to instruments and computerized sounds, and allowed the Chi-town native to appear on a track titled “Can’t Stop,” where he gets back to his lavish raps and even name-drops his viral phrase “It ain’t Ralph though!”

Stream Vibes below and make sure to pre-order the project here.