SZA Reflects On Joining TDE In ‘Where I’m From’ Mini-Doc

Jay Z’s Life+Times zeroes in on SZA in their latest “Where I’m From” segment. Documenting her transition to TDE’s songbird, she talks her childhood and how music was not her initial passion.

“Nothing in life led me to music. Like, I did nothing creative in St. Louis,” she said.”I was an awkward kid, I didn’t really have a social experience in high school where it came to being confident.”

Sharing how her brother eventually “Joe Jacksoned” her into singing, SZA also discussed leaving her job and finding her freedom. With freedom, however, came her obstacle with self-motivation.

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“You have to govern yourself; nobody’s gonna tell you. You don’t have to record, you can do whatever you wanna do all day. You don’t have to absorb music. You don’t have to absorb sounds, inspiration. You don’t have to do any of that shit. So who’s gonna give you the blueprint for that?”

The mini-documentary begins with SZA receiving a pep-talk from her labelmate Isaiah Rashad, a scene that defines her comments about growing and learning from her fellow cohorts including Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar.

“With joining TDE, I was super shy and I’m still pretty shy. But they never catered to that, and I appreciate that. You can trust their opinion. You can trust their, knowledge, their work ethic, their skill set.”

Watch SZA’s “Where I’m From” segment in the video above.

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