Gentlemen’s Corner: T.I. Talks ‘Paperwork’ — “We Really Just Wanted to Make Women Wet They Pants”


VIBE Vixen: Tell me more about why your new album is titled, Paperwork?

T.I.: Well, Paperwork to me is, by definition, the certification of things that are authentic. Me being an artist of authenticity, making music that is authentic, I feel that it should be presented to the people and certified by way of paperwork.

You have fourteen collaborations on the album, which is a lot. How did that all come about?

At my ninth album in my career, people have heard my story, so I wanted to mix my story with some angles and approaches to see how it mixes well with others and do what’s best for the song. I don’t have to hold myself to the same, I guess, restrictions as the newer artists. Cats know that I can go and put out an album just by myself with no features, if I want to. And of those fourteen features, maybe only seven of those are [artist] just singing on hooks. If you would have rather have heard me sing at your own risk, than Usher, I could have. I was on the hook first, but me and Usher both agreed that he probably sounded better doing it, so I stepped to the side and let him have it.