Gentlemen’s Corner: T.I. Talks ‘Paperwork’ — “We Really Just Wanted to Make Women Wet They Pants”

Elliott Wilson Hosts CRWN With T.I. For Presented By Footaction

VV: Speaking of hooks, “Private Show” with Chris Brown. What was the feel you were going for with that track?

T.I.: We really just wanted to make women wet they pants. We both went into it with that intention, like, we weren’t subtle about it or nothing. It was like a cream-your-pants session. We went balls to the wall, as they say.

How do you go about picking beats?

We have a brain trust over here at Hustle Gang. It’s part young niggas, people like Shad the God, Yung Booke, Spodee, M.U.G. and James. It’s a collective of young minds that came under the tutelage of our experiences and opinions and mixed that with artists’ opinions like Trae the Truth, B.O.B. and we added that with a more seasoned executive opinion like, Jason Jeter, DJ MLK, G. Roberson, Doug Peterson, along with myself. Along with that brain trust, we kind of like, mix up these opinions and just take the best. Some of them we all agree on and some of them we just ride the wave.Paperwork is in stores now. Check out the teaser to T.I.’s #CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson on the next page.