T Murda Decodes The Entire ‘Lifestyle’ — Facial Expression and Ad Libs Included

Tracee Ellis Ross T Murda

Some body please get Tracee Ellis Ross a record deal!

Another instance that Tracee made hilariously better, the actress and part time rapper uploaded a video of her rapping Rich Gang ft. Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug’s “Lifestyle.”  Transforming into T Murda—with her red lip popping—she sat in front of the computer while viewing the lyrics and trying to rap along, raspy voice and all. She did as well as expected on their hard to decipher verses while throwing in her own hilarious ad libs, (“now this does not make sense young man” and “well T Murda is offended”) and facial expressions (see below).

T Murda

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We definitely give her an A for effort because we still can’t decode anything outside of the chorus. Press play to watch T Murda take on Homie Quan and Young Thug’s radio hit.

This isn’t the first time the fashionable birthday girl took on some of today’s hip hop tracks. Flip the page to check out T Murda rapping along to other hit songs.