Say Uncle: Television’s 7 Greatest Uncles

Uncle Jesse on Full House

Uncle Jesse, Full House
If you’re of a certain age, you simply cannot fathom a cooler and more caring uncle than Jesse Katsopolis. The short of it: After his sister passed away, Jesse moved in to help his brother-in-law, Danny Tanner, raise the kids. Only expecting to be there a stint, he ended up staying forever, providing support and a lot of laughs. He also kissed a bunch of girls, which is pretty characteristic of uncles. In the first season alone, Uncle Jesse dated more honies than many will in their lifetime.

Aside from being a musician, radio host, and avid motorcycle driver, he also cooked a serious fried chicken and had impeccable hair. By the second season of Full House, though, Uncle Jesse settles down, marries, and has kids of his own. But he doesn’t move out. Instead, he remains, always making himself available to offer his nieces help and a kind or reassuring word.

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