Thanks To The Washington Wizards, Wale Will Have His Hands Full This Season

Wale is playing in the big leagues now.

The D.C. native has officially been named the creative liaison for the Washington Wizards, which was announced ahead of their season opener on Saturday (Nov. 1).

Stepping outside of the studio booth and onto the waxed hardwood, the avid sports fan’s new requirements entail designing his hometown team’s merchandise, and assisting in charity projects and social media promotions.

“I’m excited to start building as the creative liaison for the Washington Wizards,” Wale said in a statement released Thursday (Oct. 29). “As a D.C. native and lifelong Wizards fan, this is truly an exciting and organic relationship for me. We’ve got some exciting projects up our sleeve that will roll out throughout the season so be on the lookout.”

The 30-year-old lyricist will also perform on opening night, and his two singles “The Work,” and “Ambition” will be the permanent soundtrack for the season’s opening video.

Photo Credit: Instagram/wale