T.I. Says Iggy ‘Took A Lot of Motherfuckers Spot’ + 10 Other Thoughts On His #CRWN Sit-Down

There were two gold antique chairs fit for kings . The projector shows us two familiar faces, Rap Radar founder and the man behind the #CRWN series, Elliott Wilson, and the man of the hour.T.I.. Tip enters the stage at the Gramercy Theater with his infectious warm smile—something we’re accustomed to seeing on his reality show, Family Hustle.

His wife Tiny sits on the side with the Hustle Gang family, drinking from the infamous red cup, with a glow on her face —no, it isn’t her new set of ice gray eyes—it’s a woman obviously proud at the success of her husband and the release of his ninth LP. Throughout the live interview, she’s seen laughing at her husband’s stories as if it’s the first time hearing them and when discussing how they got together, T.I. was seen having a “soft moment,” himself.

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Throughout it all, Elliott Wilson digs in with his questions for his first one-on-one with the King of the South. He wants to know it all; the standout differences of Paperwork to previous work, the southern Kang’s perspective on the current state of hip-hop, working with Skateboard P, the first lady of his Hustle Gang team, and the overall journey of Clifford Harris. Very eloquent and sure with his answers to all of his life’s questions, check out some of things we found out about T.I. during his sit-down with the #CRWN creator.

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