Watch Tina Knowles Bust A Two-Step With Jamie Foxx At The Angel Ball

At 60- years- old Miss. Tina Knowles shows us that she in fact never lost her groove, particularly when someone as charming as Jamie Foxx performs on stage. During his performance at the Angel Ball in NYC Monday night, Tina couldn’t resist herself from hopping on stage to dance with the Academy Award Winner.

Dressed in a beautiful silver gown, Miss. Knowles showed off her curvaceous body as she two stepped with Jamie Foxx in front of the live audience. Jamie on the other hand looked pretty skeptical about his next move. Maybe Jamie was unsure about the backlash he would possibly receive from Tina’s bae, Richard Lawson. In any case, what are the chances that the mother of a Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award- Winning Superstar offers a “dub?”

Jamie you missed out bro.