Tinashe Says She’s ‘Not Just A Pretty Face’ On ‘The Breakfast Club’

With her debut album Aquarius dropping today, Tinashe sat down with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to talk the substance on the record, the prospect of dating and her transition from child actor on 2 And A Half Men to solo singer. And in case you were wondering, Charlie Sheen never offered her coke.

“[Sheen] was super low-key, actually. He was super professional, he was always on time. He was not ‘2 On’ as far as I could tell. I mean if he did, he kept it on the DL. He never offered me coke,” she joked.

Moving on to more important matters, Tinashe discussed the content on Aquarius. While her hit single “2 On” has become a turn up staple, the singer insists that there is more to her album as a whole.

“People who have heard ‘2 On’ probably assume that the album is full of ‘2 On’s’ and full of turn up music and just kind of more ratchet type stuff,” she said. “But that’s a side that I like to be able to dabble in and touch. I think my music as a whole, there’s a lot more depth to it. There’s just a lot more sophistication maybe than ‘2 On’ represents.”

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Two years and 100 songs later, Aquarius has received rave reviews thus far. Tinashe talked preliminary reception of her album as well.

“I’m honestly so flattered. I’ve been getting the craziest reviews. Especially when you put that much heart and soul into the music and then it’s received positively, it’s just like ‘Damn.’”

Discussing the pressure to prove that she’s “a real artist and not just a pretty face,” Tinashe also shared that a track called “Cold Sweat” is a favorite of hers on Aquarius. She also talked about Drake’s guest appearance on her “2 On” remix, which she caught wind of via Twitter.

But if you’re wondering whether or not Tinashe is on the market, settle down. The 21-year-old singer ain’t got time for that. Asked about the whereabouts of her relationship status, she reveals that it is not a priority.

“It’s honestly kind of non-existent at this point, mostly because my schedule is so intense,” she said. “I’m never home; the energy that it takes to continue a relationship is not something that I even have time for.”

Find out what she would be looking for in a man (if she had the time) in the video above.