Too $hort Attempted To Carry A Loaded Gun Through TSA, Then Fled The Airport

Too $hort fled an airport security check after a screener found a loaded hand-gun in his carry-on luggage at Bob Hope Airport in Southern California.

Burbank police Sgt. John Pfrommer told the Associated Press that the rapper, real name Todd Anthony Shaw, was passing through a checkpoint on Wednesday (Oct. 1) when a Transportation Security Administration employee noticed the weapon in his bag. He then reportedly fled, leaving his belongings behind.

$hort then brought his attorney to the airport on Thursday and was cited on misdemeanor possession of a loaded handgun in a public place.

This isn’t the first time the Oakland MC tried to escape the hands of the law. Last March, he made a run for it after Los Angeles cops pulled him over for a traffic violation. He was then apprehended and charged on suspicion of drunk driving and drug possession.

Too $hort is due in court on Nov. 3.


Too $hort recently stopped by TMZ to discuss his run-in with TSA on Wednesday (Oct. 1), detailing his side of the story after reportedly fleeing the checkpoint scene when a weapon was noticed in his luggage.

Watch the video below.