Top 10 OOTD Posts From Beyonce’s IG


November 6, 2012 is a day that will forever go down in history. Not only was this Obama’s highly anticipated election day, but Beyonce joined Instagram.

With no warning King Bey sent Instagram into pandemonium as the number of her followers multiplied by the millions in seconds.While she took the opportunity to make a political statement with her first upload to the photo sharing app, from there on the international super star invited the Bey Hive and the entire world to journey through her fabulous life. Exclusive photo shoot spreads, vacations, family fun days, and all that Beyonce has finally rolled down the partition, sharing more and more of her life with her die hard fans. But most importantly, Yonce makes sure to slay us with a few OOTD (outfit of the day) posts each week, showing us she’s not only snatched on stage, but she works it like a sold out show even on her off days.

Vixens, continue clicking to check out our top 10 OOTD posts from Beyonce.



Photo Credit(s): Instagram