Tracee Ellis Ross Confronts ‘Black-ish’ Controversy on ‘The Larry King Show’

On Wednesday (Oct. 1), The Larry King Show guest host Janet Mock interviewed Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross on redefining stereotypes and the controversy about the show. Ross talked about her feelings about the show and her perspective of the shows’ concept.

“I am very proud of this subject matter,” she said. “I think this is a show that needs to be on the air. I’m happy to see a loving couple on the air that actually has my skin color.”

In the modern entertainment world “black” TV shows are outnumbered by the many shows featuring white families and white actors. Black-ish is definitely altering the dynamics of said TV networks by introducing a new type of show that isn’t about being black or the struggles of being black. Black-ish is simply about a normal family that happens to be black.

Although the show has received some negative backlash about the title, Ross refuses to succumb to the negative press and opinions about it. She says that although she has nothing to do with the script or production side of the show, she still thinks that the message is a positive one.

Watch the full interview on the following page.

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