Tracee Ellis Ross Talks That Ish While Promoting ‘Black-Ish’ On Larry King Now

Not too sure if you’re aware, but Tracee Ellis Ross is kind of the bees-knees!

The star of ABC’s “Black-ish” is making the rounds to promote her new family comedy and silence the haters who take issue with the show *ahem Donald Trump.*

Donning a floral dress, bright red lipstick to match her smile and hair as big as I don’t even know what, Ross talks with Janet Mock for Larry King Now. Mock filled in for the suspender wearing veteran journalist and explored what exactly the ish is in “Black-ish.” Everything from what it means to be black, too why it took so long for TV to have a show that showcased the ebbs and flows of a black family life, and the controversy surrounding the show’s name were all up for discussion.

The interview is all kinds of awesome-sauce because Tracee Ellis Ross is pretty much, the ish!