37 Times We Wanted To Raid Tracee Ellis Ross’ Closet

Tracee Ellis Ross

If we could create the perfect prototype for a bigger sister, we’re taking 90% of the qualities from Tracee Ellis Ross. The actress is beauty, brains, talent, and impeccable style. Our former VIBE Vixen cover girl (twice) is celebrating her 42nd birthday today (Oct 29).

Outside of celebrating her second TV series success—yes, Blackish is everything and more—she has a heap of things to be thankful for. For starters she can thank the style gods for the pumps she struts in and the clothes that effortlessly hug her curves that garners attention from every woman and man with eyes notice that her au natural body is banging!

From the days we wish she was our gal pal on Girlfriends to today, her style only gets better with time.  Let’s stop talking about her fashion and take a look for ourselves. We know we can’t (unless you want to share the wealth Trac) but if we had 15 minutes in her closet, here are some clothes we’d try to snag from her ever growing wardrobe.

Photo Credit: VIBE Vixen, Getty