Aww, Trey Songz Will Celebrate His 30th Birthday With 30 Acts Of Kindness

Go Trey, it’s your birthday… almost. Trey Songz has teamed up with People NOW to launch a ‘30 Acts of Kindness’ initiative in celebration of his 30th birthday (Nov. 28). The Grammy-nominated artist shared his understanding of the importance of helping those in need. In an interview with People, Trey explained, “I think the amazing thing about giving back is that [you know] it’s a feeling that you can’t buy. I know what is like coming up and not really having a lot of food in the fridge. I know what it’s like for my mother to have to get clothes from the Salvation Army. I know what it’s like to be poor.” By his smile, we can tell that Trigga couldn’t be happier about partnering about his admirable venture. However, he won’t be sharing a daily instagram of his good deeds the day. “A lot of things that we may do, the acts of kindness, may be done discreetly,” Trey shared. Watch him gush in a instavideo over his #30/30 initiative above.

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