Watch: Daniel Radcliffe (A.K.A. Harry Potter) Nails His Blackalicious ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ Performance

Who knew Harry Potter could spit? Actor Daniel Radcliffe swung by The Tonight Show and performed Blackalicious’ 1999 wordy workout “Alphabet Aerobics.” Promise your jaw will be left hanging after you watch it. [Rolling Stone]

Jay Z and Beyoncé went on a movie date in support of celeb pal Jake Gyllenhaal’s new flick Nightcrawler. The power couple has been gallivanting all over Paris, even reportedly renewing their weddings vows. While they touched down in NYC for Jake’s movie premiere, the Carters are rumored to be moving to L.A. [E! Online]

In other news about Bey-Z’s besties, Gwyneth Paltrow apparently wasn’t surprised Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence’s thing didn’t last because 1) age, 2) kids and 3) duh. [Jezebel]

Food Network fanatics have just been given the best Halloween costume idea of all time! When you’re not parked on the couch for marathons of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, you could race over to Toys ‘R Us for this Guy Fieri getup. [Eater]

Marvel is putting in WERK. The franchise is releasing a slew of superhero flicks, including Black Panther (shoutout Chadwick Boseman) Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Captain America 3 and Marvel’s The Avengers: Infinity Wars all slated to come out at some point by 2019. [TV Guide]