Twitter Responds to Ray Allen Joining the Cavaliers

Tell ‘em why you mad, Twitter?

Yesterday allegations of the inevitable—Ray Allen is postponing his retirement plans and heading to Ohio to play with the Cavaliers—heightened. It was reported that the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history met with his potential new team’s owner. While there’s nothing signed on the dotted line, there’s a high chance he will continue to play alongside his former Miami Heats teammate, Lebron James.

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While Allen, James, and the Cavs may be toasting to the potential good news, much of Twitter is not. In fact, many followers have shown their bitter side and are coming straight for the former Celtics player. Shooting straight to the top of the trendy list, Ray Allen may want to stay off his own Twitter as the banter continues to call him every rude thing possible but his name.

Considering we’re not avid basketball lovers, we’re enjoying the back and forth entertainment all at Ray Allen’s expense. Flip the page to see the funniest tweets we grabbed from the twittersphere.