Tyra Banks Bottles Her Championed Smize For Tyra Beauty

Name one thing Tyra Banks has not done.

The international supermodel has achieved just about everything you could possibly hope for in a lifetime. From becoming a household name to creating her own competitive reality TV show, hosting her own talk show, and most notably graduating from Harvard’s Business School Owner/President Management Program, there’s not much this beauty hasn’t set out to conquer.

But one can argue that there is indeed one industry the mogul has surprisingly overlooked. She calls it the “biggest announcement of her career”, her soon-to-launch makeup line entitled Tyra Beauty. Who better than Banks herself to create a cosmetic experience who stated, “Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don’t wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones—I paint them on!”

With a long standing tenure in the fashion world as a top model, Tyra now wants to empower other ladies with Tyra Beauty, which is formulated with beauty secrets and secret beauty weapons she’s learned throughout her career. The cosmetics experience includes three high-tech pillars: “in a Stick” for a fierce face fast, her championed “Smize” to highlight the eyes of course, and “It Factory” which offers runway-inspired cosmetics for the diva in you.

By the sound of it, the cosmetics experience from Tyra Beauty will be like no other. Vixens, will you let Tyra TY-YOU-over?

Photo Credit(s): Arise

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