Tyrese Slams Comedian After Alleging Sex For Hire Treatment For ‘Baby Boy’ Role

**sips green tea**

Wearing a fur coat and smoking a cigar, Tyrese made a video responding to allegations made by a comedian he only received his now famous role in “Baby Boy” because he performed oral sex on the director, John Singleton.

The comedian, Spanky Hayes alleges that he was up for the role but wasn’t given the part because Tyrese allegedly performed sexual favors for Singleton to get the role. Well, Tyrese didn’t take kindly to homosexual allegations and made sure to inform Mr. Hayes, his career and his children’s ability to eat would be over.

“You know you done f*cked up, right?”

Tyrese has been in the industry quite sometime. Let’s see where this goes. Peep his response up top and Spanky Hayes’ allegations below.