Russian Tennis Official Calls Venus & Serena ‘The Williams Brothers,’ Gets Fined 25K

Russian Tennis Federation President, Shamil Tarpischev is slammed $25,000 fine and a one-year suspension after making derogatory comments towards tennis stars, Venus and Serena Williams. Referring to them as “the Williams brothers”, Tarpischev joked about their gender and physique on late night Russian talk show, Evening Urgant. In his poor attempt at conveying humor he states, “It’s frightening when you look at them. But really you just need to play against the ball.” According to ESPN, “Tarpischev has been chairman of the Kremlin Cup, Russia’s only WTA event, for all of its 18 years as a women’s tour event, and is also a member of the International Olympic Committee.” His accolades however, are no saving grace for his insensitive and offensive comments. Since the incident, he has released an apology statement but the William sisters are not here for it. In Serena’s response to his comments, she states “I thought they were very insensitive and extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time. I thought they were in a way bullying.” There’s been no word from Venus’ campus but we suppose Serena’s comments cover her sentiments as well. They certainly have a support system behind them. See the tweets below: