Violence Erupts In St. Louis After The Shooting Death Of Another Black Man

An off-duty police officer shot and killed a 18 year old man early Thursday morning (Oct. 9) according to St. Louis Police. Seventeen shots were fired. CNN reports the death echoes the same sentiments of the shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown just two months earlier in Ferguson, Missouri. The unidentified man who was shot was black and both officers involved were white. However, some reports indicate the man who was killed was armed. The hashtag #ShawShooting began to trend on Twitter while photos of protesters began to populate. According to The Guardian, Vonderrick Myers Jr., was the victim. Police spokeswoman Leah Freeman said the officer was off-duty and tried to perform a “pedestrian check.” The man ran and the officer chased him. Myers, according to some accounts, fired at the officer. The officer fired back killing the man. Alderman of the 21st Ward in St. Louis Antonio French was on the scene.