Vixen Boombox: Brianna Perry’s ‘Since U Left’


Vixen-verified female emcee Brianna Perry has dropped some new heat.

The Atlantic Records/ Poe Boy recording artist’s new single “Since U Left” just may be our new male-bashing anthem and all around jam. While everyone has been screaming “these chicks ain’t loyal”, Brianna isn’t here for it, she’s spilling the tea on the male species.On the track the rapper takes notes from Beyonce and kicks her now ex-boyfriend to the left and is in the coping stages of a bad breakup. But who wants to live with regret? Well that’s not the case for Ms. Perry, she’s the epitome of a boss as she flexes, “Who you gonna kiss like that? Who you gonna miss like that? Take around the world fly trips don’t pack? Me? You lost that.”

Let’s face it Vixens, we’ve all been there with that one special guy we had faith in, but what’s meant to be will be, and Ms. Perry is here to empower us all turning a time of vulnerability into a time of confidence, self assurance and faith. Lend your ears below and jam out to Brianna Perry’s new single “Since U Left”.



Photo Credit: Atlantic Records