Vixen Vent: Am I Too Old For Homecoming?

Drake at howard homecoming

Homecoming season has started and as a college graduate I haven’t quite decided if I should be excited and ready to embark or depressed and ready to watch my Instagram feed unfold. Howard Homecoming, which is like the almighty of all homecoming’s is less than a month away and people are already preparing for it. I graduated in the summer of 2013 and I already feel too old to attend any approaching school homecoming, especially my own. When are you too old to attend homecoming?

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I’ve asked a couple of friends this question and the answers have been way too aloof for my liking. “It’s never too late to attend,” is one answer that I’ve heard one too many times. Personally, I feel like if the freshman class that started when you were a senior has graduated, then it’s time for you to hang it up. Although the literal definition of homecoming is “the return to one’s home for visiting alumni,” there is a certain age where it is simply inappropriate for alumni to “visit.” Remember it’s not a 21 and over show. There will be students as young as 18 partying with you. How will it make you feel to be the old jawn at the club? Think about it.

After all, homecoming is not a time of ceremonial events and catching up with your favorite professors from your past. Homecoming is usually filled with packed parties, poppin’ concerts with A-list artists and catching up with old friends—just make sure your old friends are in attendance as well. After 30-years-old, unless the homecoming theme is an “old-timers” gathering, I suggest that you hang up your alumni status; especially for this weekend made for the youngin’s and newly graduated alumni.

Disclaimer: I do think that there is a rule of thumb for homecoming at Howard—it’s never too late!

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