Walk Happily Into This Idris Elba Workout Video Thirst Trap


Training for my next Film. Bastille Day. Grinding.

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WARNING: A drink of water may be necessary after indulging in the above video. Idris Elba is not playing fair. In his latest assault on every woman alive’s libido, the (entirely too sexy) actor took to Instagram to share a peek into his workout regimen for his upcoming role in Bastille Day. A blessing to lusty eyes, the 13-second clip features Elba in all his sweaty glory engaging in not enough a couple of ab rollouts. Elba will star in the thriller as a U.S. agent assigned with taking down a suspect in a Paris terrorist attack. Once it is found that the suspect is innocent, Elba’s task becomes finding the actual culprit. The film’s details remain slim, but there is enough bulk to hold over the wait. Watch and salivate accordingly.