Watch: T.I. Talks ‘Paperwork,’ Race Issues And More On ‘Larry King Now’

T.I. is stopping by various media outlets to promote his ninth studio album Paperwork, and made it to “Larry King Now” to discuss an array of happenings from racial relations in America and exploring a new side of music within the project’s process.

“For this project, we’ve had the most creative freedom and ability to do whatever inspires us creatively,” the “No Mediocre” rapper said.

The 34-year-old artist also switched up the music talk and revealed his thoughts on the shooting of Michael Brown.

“Man I just thought it was catastrophic. I felt it was an extreme tragedy and extremely unfortunate I mean for the nation,” Tip said. “Of course for the Brown family our hearts, prayers, and condolences go out to them, but for the nation to go through that again so soon after Trayvon Martin and you know it – America was already very tense as it pertained to race relations and young black men and how they’re treated in America by authorities – by authority figures.”

Check out the video above.