The Weekend In NFL: Michael Vick Returns, Peyton Manning Makes History

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was benched, making way for Michael Vick in the second half against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday (Oct. 5). The Rex Ryan switcheroo was still no good after the Chargers bolted away with the win in a blowout 31-0. Just 24 hours prior, Smith was M.I.A. during a team meeting because he got the times confused, an “honest mistake” per Jets spokesperson. Coach Ryan also took the fall for the team’s humiliating loss and revealed that Smith will be back in next week… against the Denver Broncos. [ESPN]

Broncos’ star QB Peyton Manning made history. Eli’s older bruh stomped into Sunday’s game against the Arizona Carndinals with 499 touchdown passes, making him second to Brett Favre as the only NFL players to throw over 500 EVER. Sir Peyton only needs 6 more TDs as of press time to surpass Favre’s record of 508. [Bleacher Report] Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson was ill-advised when he strolled onto the field with a sign that read “Towels Carry Ebola.” After an outbreak in West Africa, Ebola recently hit the U.S. with as many as four Americans contracting the deadly virus. Jags president Mark Lamping issued a formal apology on Monday (Oct. 6), saying, “Improvisation and humor have both been key elements to the character of Jaxson DeVille, especially when he performs at home games … We are handling the matter internally and taking it very seriously. We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone who was offended.” [USA Today] College football made Vince McMahon proud when Miami defender Marques Gayot body slammed a Georgia Tech punter Ryan Rodwell. The Yellow Jackets’ goal was to fake a punt and land a first down. Mission accomplished. Bonus: WWE OG Jim Ross’ commentary has been added to the play below. [SBNation]

Johnny Manziel who? The Cleveland Browns celebrated a victory after chopping down their 25-point deficit against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and winning 29-28, thanks to quarterback Brian Hoyer. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]