Wendy Williams Is Getting Sued By One Of Her Old Interns

A former The Wendy Williams Show intern is going after the big dogs for his due payment. You can say that Anthony Tart had a less than fulfilling experience while working for her show. The Hollywood Reporter says that he filed a class-action lawsuit against Lionsgate entertainment company and its subsidiary Debmar-Mercury for the time he spent doing grunt work instead of receiving educational or vocational training.

Tart claims that his tasks on the show included washing dishes, getting coffee, picking up art supplies and throwing out garbage, which was not what he was anticipating going into the internship. He’s arguing that the work he did failed to meet the Department of Labor’s standards for unpaid internships and that the program would’ve had to hire paid employees to complete the tasks he was assigned.

The former intern is being represented by Lloyd Ambinder at Virginia & Ambinder and Jeffrey Brown at Leeds Brown, who’ve also represented former interns suing Warner Music and Atlantic Records.

Photo Credit: Getty Images