Wiz Khalifa Joins The Purple Hair Club

Wiz Khalifa purple hair

Sometimes the only way to get over a break up is to get a make over and that’s exactly what Wiz Khalifa did.

Following his divorce bombshell, the rapper changed up his style. No he didn’t cut his locs off, he colored them a nice, vibrant, purple. After documenting the dye process via his Twitter, he shared the final look on his Instgram with the caption, “the kid.”

Wiz Khalifa

His extreme close up didn’t give us the full vibe, but we already know based on past celebs, it is a good move for the father of one. They say orange is the new black, but by the looks of it, it’s really purple. He’s not the only star to drastically go this color choice, he joins a heap of lady vixens that love the bottle and have no problem switching to one of the 50 shades of purple. Flip the page to see what other celebs have or are rocking purple hair.

All Photos: Instagram (unless other wise noted)