To Support Her Sister With Cancer, She Did The Dougie And It’s All Kinds Of Amazing

No one invited cancer to the party of life, so it’s about time cancer go on ’bout its business!

Well the woman in the video above isn’t here cancer at all. To show support for her sister who’s battling the disease, she has decided to dance. The song she chose was “Teach Me How To Dougie.” While admits to not really knowing how to do the dance, she surprises just about everyone with how much rhythm she has. To put it bluntly, she’s gettin’ it!

Sporting the cutest layered blond bob and red lipstick, the woman in the video glides across her floor with ease and bounce. At the end of the video and after lots of giggles, she stops the music and leaves her sister with some encouraging words that make your heart swell.

“I love you. You’re going to kick cancer’s ass today because you’re a bad ass sister!”

Whoever this woman is who racked up close to 1 million views, you’ve just won the Internet!