Wu-Tang’s ‘A Better Tomorrow’ GIF Cover Art Saves The Day, Literally

GIF album covers are the new thing, and we’re not opposed. The Internet’s new best friend has made for a pretty cool representation of Wu-Tang’s upcoming 20th anniversary album, A Better Tomorrow. Featuring the clearing of clouds to shine the sun across a few skylines, the highly-anticipated project boasts an artful complement for an album RZA says might be his last.

“Truth is, we went for it all on this one,” he recently told VIBE. “Man, I called up Rick Rubin and told him this might be my last joint.”

RZA and company recently inked a new deal with Warner Bros after clearing up discrepancies that could have kept their latest album from seeing the light of day. Now, all that’s left to do is wait in the Dec. 2 release.

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