Zoe Saldana Confirmed Her Halloween Twins

zoe saldana confirmed

A glowing Zoe Saldana confirmed last night that she was pregnant with twins. The 36-year-old mommy-to-be went about sharing the news in a mysteriously adorable way. E! News reports that at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences exhibit in LA, Saldana expressed that one costume wouldn’t be enough this year.

When asked about her Halloween dress up plans this year, Saldana rubbed her belly and responded,  “I might need three costumes. I might have to makes some adjustments, but it would be nice.”

Considering that Saldana said she wanted “two or three” children or “Or four or five,” this is definitely a blessing for her.

Congratulations to the young actress and her husband Marco Perego.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images

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