6 Things Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pinkprint’ Album Artwork Looks Like


Before we begin, a disclaimer that VIBE is all for Nicki Minaj’s triumphs. With her highly anticipated return to rap on The Pinkprint (due Dec. 15), the First Lady of YMCMB has already racked up accolades, as listed in her last two Instagram posts:

“Thx 2 u, BANG BANG is now the #1 song on Top40 Radio!,” she wrote (Nov. 3).

“Thank you for making #Only the #1 greatest gainer on urban radio, #7 on US iTunes, and #1 on US RAP. UK, thank you as well for making #Only #1 Rap song and Anaconda #2 on iTunes!!!!!,” she added.

And let’s not forget her glorious “Anaconda” single artwork.

But when Nicki dropped her Pinkprint cover, our big balloon of excitement deflated. Nicki commissioned “the Kanye West team” (most likely DONDA) for the image, which screamed simple with a finger imprint in pink ink and the LP title scrawled in neat letters on the bottom. Sure, KW is all for clean-cut visuals but this was a far cry from the aforementioned “Anaconda” eye candy we had thirsted for.

We also couldn’t help that the design looked strikingly similar to other pop culture figures. Compare and contrast above.