So About That One Time When The Beyhive Attacked Kris Jenner

Let’s talk about that one time when the beyhive attacked Kris Jenner.

It all started when Solange’s wedding pictures were released by Vogue magazine as an exclusive look at her wedding. Redefining the way marital bliss is captured, Solo took a few pictures with her hubby, by herself, and as a huge group wearing a white gown and cape. Yes, cape’s are now the new veils.

However it was the group picture featuring her sister (Beyonce), mother (Tina), and close female friends and family members all donning white that caused the beyhive to drag Kris Jenner and her daughters through the cyber world mud.

Around the same time the now Mrs. Ferguson’s pictures posted, Kris uploaded a picture of her seated with red lips all over her face surrounded by her five daughters blowing kisses to the camera. They were all donning white as well.

Coincidence? The Beyhive thinks not. Prompting an online war against the Kardashians, the Beyhive accused the momager of trying to upstage the Knowles/Ferguson New Orlean’s nuptials. We aren’t saying we agree with the claims, we’re just reporting on what went down. Flip the page to check out the slander thrown in the name of Kardashian/Jenner clan.