#TBT: Celebrities Nude on Magazine Covers


Janet Jackson Rolling Stone

It comes as no surprise that Kim Kardashian showed off her assets again. Not because it’s Kim K (although that is a factor) but because many other celebrities in Hollywood have been there, done that as well. While hers may be the most risqué, her Paper Magazine feature joins a long list of celebrities nude on magazine covers.

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It’s a daring and free feeling to go topless, bottomless, or both and make a permanent imprint for these magazine fronts. But now that celebrities nude are like the new black, our enthusiasm over these glossy fronts is waning. You want to really shock us? Place a celebrity on a magazine sans make up, hair, and expensive designer ‘fits and that’ll really #breaktheinternet.

Don’t believe celebrities nude on a magazine cover is great but nothing worth writing home about, check out the many other covers that feature stars in their birthday suits.

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