Darren Wilson Won’t Be A Police Officer For Much Longer


After walking away scot-free for the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the chances of seeing Darren Wilson in a police uniform again are looking real slim.

According to his attorney, Jim Towey, Wilson knows that nine times out of 10, he won’t be returning to the force in Ferguson or anywhere else. “Realistically speaking, Darren will never be a police officer again, and he understands that,” Towey told NBC station KSDK in an interview. “Going forward it will be school, and trying to carve out a new niche, new career, for he and his family.”

Returning to the force would be a controversial decision for Wilson, who is currently on paid leave. He already ruffled many feathers this week during his first televised interview, where he let the world know he had a “clean conscious” after the killing because he “did his job right.” He also has allegedly received death threats after the incident, so he now puts his department at risk. “He knows how to do the job, and could do the job. He believes that if he ever went back to a department, he would put other officers at risk,” said Neil Bruntrager, another one of Wilson’s attorneys. “And he just, he won’t do that.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images