We Made It? Drake Gets Compared To Michael Jackson


Drake recently received the compliment of a lifetime – thanks to being a huge fan of a college basketball team.

Every Michael Jackson comparison is a tough sell, but the head coach of the University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team went for it anyway. In an interview with the Seth Davis show, John Calipari talked Drizzy’s “brotherhood” with the organization and returned the rapper’s love for UK in a major way.

“I’m like, ‘This guy, if he makes it, I wanna see if he’ll change,’” Calipari said. “Grounded, the same guy, kind heart and then you find out like ‘Wow’, Michael Jackson talented, like megastar, has not changed.”

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But even the Michael Jackson similarities will be easier to explain than comparing Drake to any professional basketball player. While it doesn’t appear that Davis had Calipari expound on the MJ comment, he didn’t skip a beat with a quick jab at the rapper’s lukewarm basketball skills.

“He’s not good with the three-point shooting, but thats a very minor flaw in the grand scheme,” Davis joked.

Press play above to hear Coach Cal give Drake a shiny-gloved pat on the back.