Erica Mena Responds To Tony Rock’s ‘Full Blown Whore’ Comment


erica mena

Tony Rock got under Bow Wow’s skin this week when he tweeted that Erica Mena was a “full blown whore.” Replying to the quip by stating that he would see Rock “face to face,” Bow later tweeted that “the homies just dropped the dime” on the comedian, leading to speculation that an altercation occurred. And in true Erica Mena fashion, the reality star offered her two cents on Rock’s insult, referring to the comedian as “bitch Rock”.

It also turns out Rock did a comedy bit on Wednesday night (Nov. 19) where he addressed his comments about Mena. After asserting that he would never fight Bow Wow, Rock acknowledged the comment as inappropriate, but refused to take it back. Check out what Tony had to say over at VIBE.


Photo Credit: via VIBE