Halle Berry Takes Ex-Boyfriend To Court Over Their Daughter’s Hair


Halle Berry’s less-than-amicable relationship with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took another turn in court this Monday (Nov. 24). The actress went before a judge to request that Aubry stop straightening and coloring their six-year-old daughter Nahla’s hair in an attempt to diminish her African-American heritage.

According to Daily Mail, Aubry denied altering Nahla’s hair, chalking the changes in her color and texture up to sunlight and saltwater swimming. Berry, however, secured concrete evidence by taking strands of their daughter’s hair to a laboratory for testing after Aubry’s refusal to cooperate. She explained her suspicions in the court documents.

“I have personally observed the changes in Nahla’s hair texture and color over the last year,” her statement read. “I have never personally experienced hair damage nor have I ever known a single person whose hair has suffered such excessive changes from spending time in a salt water pool (or even chlorinated water) and sunlight.”

Also accusing Aubry of making racial slurs against her, Berry says he has called her the N-word. She also noted that his “underlying attitude” might have been the cause of the changes he’s made to Nahla’s hair. The actress expressed a concern for their daughter’s well-being.

“I continue to worry about the potential psychological and physical damage to Nahla that can be caused by the use of chemical hair treatments and the psychological message that it conveys to Nahla, and to implore the court to put a stop to Gabriel’s attempts to alter our daughter’s appearance and most probably cause her to wonder why her natural appearance is not good enough,” court documents read.

The judge ruled that neither Berry nor Aubry were allowed to change Nahla’s hair from its natural state. The actress is still looking to decrease Aubry’s child support payments from $16,000 to $3,000.