The Court Rules in Halle Berry’s Favor Over Nahla’s Hair


halle berry and nahla

Halle Berry is not one to be taken lightly.

After enduring a disgusting custody battle with her ex, Gabriel Aubry, for the their daughter Nahla, Berry is back fighting yet another battle with her ex. Recently, Halle took Gabriel to court in regards to him straightening their daughter’s hair so that she doesn’t look African American. How shady. Earlier this week, the court ruled in favor of Ms Berry, concluding that neither of the parent’s could change Nahla’s hair from its natural state.

Well, looks like every cloud has a silver lining. Although we find the $16,000 a month the court served Halle to pay to Gabriel for child support absolutely ridiculous, it’s great that her wishes to keep her daughters hair natural was granted.

Photo Credit: Getty Images