Is J. Cole Dropping A New Album Next Month?


J. Cole is next up on the list of rumored releases. After some investigating by the good folks of the KTT forum, it seems we may have a Cole winter upon us. Amazon is currently offering an album by the Roc Nation rapper for presale. Entitled 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the site lists the release date of the supposed project as Dec. 9.

Though an iTunes search now leads us nowhere, the title of the rumored album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, points to a residence in J. Cole’s native Fayetteville, NC that the rapper has recently purchased according to reports. Ever-thorough, KTT supports their suspicions by uncovering a letter that was seemingly sent out by Cole, informing his neighbors of a music listening session at his new digs on Nov. 29 and 30. A photo of the rapper being filmed in the home has also surfaced:

Furthering sticking the fork in the floating theory, an Instagram post (that has since been deleted) finds J. Cole’s engineer Juro Davis working on “the last few mixes for J Coles 3rd studio album:”

All together now: “Hmmm.” If this is true, 2014 is about to go out with a bang.

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