Here’s Why Katt Williams Says He And Suge Knight Were Arrested


Katt Williams has now offered his side of the story after being arrested along with Suge Knight for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera. Maintaining that he was never in an altercation with the photographer, nor did he take her camera, the comedian stated that the supposed victim was taking video of a 5-year-old child in an alley.

“I’m am as interested as you in finding out what the lady says her actual story was,” he said. “I knew that she was engaged inappropriately with a child, not with any adult. We’re talking about a five year old, let’s be very clear.”

Williams also showed loyalty to Knight (who was shot six times back in August) by revealing that authorities attempted to have him sell the former Death Row boss out as the culprit. Refusing to do so, the comedian held that neither him nor Knight were to blame.

“So when they took me into the precinct, step one: get me to blame it on Suge,” he said. “That’s not gonna happen, I’d rather take it than that. Don’t be silly.”

The comedian alluded to a chase between someone and the photographer after she had been confronted about the video. According to his story, she said she would delete the footage, and then tried to flee.

“Don’t say you’re going to erase something, then take off running and think somebody is not going to chase you.”

Watch Katt Williams’ explanation in the video below: