Messy Boots: Did Kim Kardashian Just Come For Solange?


And the family rivalry ensues.

Is it us or has Kim Kardashian really been in her bag lately since her nude Paper Magazine shoot? Maybe she’s feeling like her 15 minutes of fame is slowly dwindling down to bare nothings, as she has done the one thing she promised not to do ever again: get naked for the entire world, all for the sake of fame. Apparently, Kim wasn’t here for the competition and absolute slayage Solange and her husband served up at their wedding this past weekend that sent social media into cardiac arrest, as an Instagram photo has us questioning Mrs. West’s intentions.

Like mother like daughter Kim threw some shade on the ‘gram this afternoon posing with her glam squad in what most certainly looks like a reenactment of Solange’s beat wedding photos. Now if it’s one thing Kimberly Noel doesn’t want, it is a fight with Solange. Did she not see “Elevator Gate“? Sure Solange’s aura comes off cool, calm, and collected but the H-town trill can resurface at any moment. Kim’s makeup artist Joyce Bonelli took to Instagram nearly three hours ago to post the photo and well people are talking and we’re sure memes and reposts will flood your timelines any second now.

Vixens, what do you think? Did Kim Kardashian just come for Solange or nah?

Photo Credit: Instagram