Ray J and his dad have a heart-to-heart

Recap: The 10 Craziest Quotes from Last Night's 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood'

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Season 1, Episode 9
"Face The Music"

It's shady in Hollywood Hills. For last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Nikki Muddaris comes for Masika, whose mugshots mysteriously resurface during the peak of her career. Hazel has nowhere to hide when all her dirty laundry spills at Masika's launch party while Apryl realizes that in order to be a good mother, she must first face her past.

"If this bitch thinks I'm gonna let her face grace my family's property, she don't know me at all."—Nikki
Nikki arrived at Masika's strip club launch party with a mission: sabotage her hard work.

"I'm not fucking Berg! I don’t want to fuck Berg!"—Teairra Mari
Hazel E is jealous of everyone's relationship with Berg. Sadly, she still gets zero play from The Hitmaka while she watches her ex-bestie, Teairra, get cozy with him in the studio.

"So all my fraud ass fake ex friends wanna join together against me? I don't need none of y'all hoes in my life."—Hazel E
Masika spilled all the tea during her launch party, telling Teairra Mari how Hazel has been talking smack about her behind her back. Hazel couldn’t handle the heat so she denied the allegations and chucked the deuces.

"I really need to understand who I am in order for me to be the type of mom I need to be for my son."—Apryl
Apyrl confided in Omarion about her broken relationship with her parents, specifically her mother. In order to give her newborn son tender loving care, Maybach O's bae wants to make things right with her momma.

"About us living together... we should push that back."—Soulja Boy
Dre fell all the way back when he told Nia he wasn't ready to share a house with her and the baby just yet. Soulja is headed to Brazil for two weeks and used his tour as a copout from playing house.

"I ain't no hater. I got nothing but love. If Berg said he gonna make a hit for [Teairra], then goddamn it, make a hit."—Ray J
Ray and Berg have no beef. Despite being at odds with Teairra, Ray isn't fazed by Berg and T working in the studio. He warns Y.B. to be cautious of the Detroit hothead because she's got some quick hands.

"I brought my mom here so she can see Mally's old ho hanging in a bathtub full of rhinestones on Sunset Boulevard."—Nikki
Jealous much? Nikki met with her mother to show how disgusted she was by the sight of Masika in a tub full of jewels. Momma Muddaris then pulled out some old mugshots of Masika and shared them with Nikki over lunch. Scheming runs in the family.

"It's about me bringing two girls together to make peace. I just hope to God I'm not in the middle when the drinks start flying."—Teairra Mari
Teairra tries to play peacemaker when she invites Nikki and Masika out for girls' night. Luckily, the ladies behaved with class, and threw insults at one another instead of drinks.

"What lowlife, spoiled, little rich brat talks about someone who’s been on their own since they were 17?"—Masika
Nikki really hit below the belt when she brought up Masika's past arrest when she was 17 for allegedly shoplifting. She never had the life of luxury like Nikki, who still continues to receive handouts from Ma and Pa.

There is a war going on inside and you know who’s losing? You. Sometimes you gotta be the bigger person, Ray."—Mr. Norwood, Ray J's Dad
Preach! After spending nine hours behind bars, Ray has a heart-to-heart with Mr. Norwood, who channels his inner Papa Pop and tells his son he's got to do better.

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