Floyd Mayweather Feels Justified In Revealing Miss Jackson’s Abortion on Instagram


Miss Jackson's abortion

These two are still at it.

The undefeated boxing champion and his ex, Shantel Jackson remain in court because Jackson’s suing Floyd Mayweather over assault, battery, defamation and invasion of privacy. This stems from the boxer’s sonogram Instagram post that revelaed he broke up with his partner of seven years because Miss Jackson’s abortion of their twins.

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Jackson, shared her embarrassment over the ordeal stating, “I have been embarrassed and humiliated more than I can ever imagine by Floyd, whom I once called my best friend and fiance.” Now, Mayweather’s taking the law in his own as he’s trying to have some of her claims dismissed. Not remorseful in his approach to the matter, Floyd feels he didn’t violate her privacy because they were in a “high-profile relationship.”

He feels justified in talking about Nelly’s new girl’s abortion because Jackson used his fame in order to become famous. He said, “both parties are public figures. Abortion is a public issue. A public figure involved with another public figure in a public relationship can expect publicity, not privacy, about why it ends.”