More Women Come Forward Accusing Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assualt


As the rape allegations against comedic legend Bill Cosby continue to mount, another woman has come forward accusing the actor of sexual assault.

Carla Ferrigno, wife of “The Incredible Hulk’ actor Lou Ferrigno is the latest woman to come forward. According to The Daily News, the former Playboy Bunny said she fought off Cosby’s advances when she visited him at his home in 1967.

Before marrying Ferrigno, Carla says she along with her date went on a double date with Cosby and his wife Camile who he married just three years prior. After the date, they all went back to Cosby’s Hollywood home to play pool in the actor’s basement. Ferrigno say she then found herself alone with Cosby and soon had to fight off his advances.

“He walked over to me and grabbed me and pulled me really tight to him, kissing me in the mouth really, really rough,” Ferrigno said

Ferrigno said she pushed Cosby off her and immediately fled. She’s been silent up until now because she didn’t think anyone would believe her, but says she was inspired by the other women who came forward.

Rape allegations have surrounded Cosby for sometime, but have only come to light after comedian Hannibal Buress resurrected it during a stand up in Philadelphia in October.