Sample Omarion’s ‘Sex Playlist’ For Your Streaming Pleasure


The thirst is real for Omarion’s upcoming Sex Playlist LP. Bidding farewell to the braided boy bander who bump, bump, bumped back in the day, Maybach O keeps it grown and sexy with a collection of slow jams fit for every scenario. See “Already,” the soundtrack to a lady’s primping process or “Bo$$” which takes a cue from the MMG leader and strokes the ego worth a million bucks. Of course, the magic happens in the bedroom with tracks like “Deeper” and “The Only One.” Here, VIBE got first dibs on snippets from O’s latest effort, which will be available for your streaming pleasure on Dec. 2.

“Already” (Produced By: C4 & Bongo)

“Bo$$” (Produced By: C4 & Bongo)

“Deeper” (Produced By: Eric Hudson)

“Don’t Leave” (Produced By: Tank)

“The Only One” (Produced By: Rock City & Jevon Hill)