Premiere: Watch Mary J. and Sam Smith Help You Find Your Self-Esteem


A day after My Life hit the double-decade mark, VIBE debuts the making of Mary J. Blige’s “Not Loving You” off the London Sessions (Dec 2.).

Matched up with a powerful piano, MJB sings above, while delivering a basic philosophical message: before you can really love Bae the way they deserve, said BAE has gotta be a bit of a narcissist (read: Gotta love themselves). Written by Sam Smith and James Napier, Mary says it was an easy song to deliver as she’s familiar with lack of love. “So what you gonna do now,” Mary sings. “Now that you’re falling down/ There’s only so much I can do/ if you’re not loving you.”

“Not Loving You” is the second of three songs Sam Smith has written for MJB. The lead single “Therapy” and “Not Loving You” are the other two.

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