Premiere: Nikki Jean ‘Champagne Water’ EP


Allow us to (re)introduce Nikki Jean.

nikki jean says hello on Make A Gif

You know Nikki. Those harmonious vocals on Ab-Soul’s “World Runners.” That angelic voice on the chorus of Lupe Fiasco’s “Hip-Hop Has Saved My Life,” from his Grammy-nominated album The Cool? All Ms. Jean.

(Never forget this uber emo 2007 clip of her first listening to her maiden Lupe collabo. Aww!)

Anywho, after dropping the 2011 concept album Pennies in a Jar and lacing Lupe’s “Haile Selassie” earlier this year, the St. Paul, Minnesota native is stepping back into her own spotlight with a new EP titled Champagne Water.

The mellow six-track project features Nikki touching on police shootings, heartbreak and religion, over production by Jake One, Like of Pac Div, Double-O of Kidz In The Hall, and Donnie Trumpet & Nate Fox of Chance The Rapper’s Social Experiment. And it’s dope.

Press play and vibe out to this first listen of Nikki Jean’s Champagne Water EP.

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