Recap: The 13 Craziest Quotes From Last Night’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’


Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood
Season 1, Episode 8
Respect The Baby Mama

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood hits shuffle on the drama once again as Berg showers Teairra Mari with love and some champagne but realizes home is where the heart is when he reconnects with Masika. Of course, the news doesn’t sit well with Hazel, who’s out for revenge. Meanwhile, Moniece finds herself in the midst of Fizz and Amanda’s relationship, while Ray J and Princess anticipate an everlasting love. Peep the quotables below.

“I mean I walk in today and it’s looking like the fucking playboy mansion.”—Teairra Mari
When Teairra steps into the studio, Berg’s red light special is on the menu. The hitmaker surprised her with a bottle of champagne and red roses. Seems like a bit much for Teairra, who just wants to create “musical magic,” not babies.

“Don’t blame it on me honey that your relationship was imaginary.”—Teairra Mari
After Berg calls Teairra “boo” in front of Hazel, the ex-publicist starts talking smack to Berg about the former Roc princess.

“I don’t call a nigga my boo unless we ‘booin’ up.’”—Masika
#Facts. Teairra confides in Masika for relationship advice.

“Lemme go fuck a bitch tomorrow and then go have breakfast with her a few weeks later. Let’s see how you feel about that.”—Fizz
Two can play that game. Recall Fizz accusing girlfriend Amanda of cheating and meeting up with a side-dude from Miami. After catching her in the act, Fizz didn’t need much to cut her off.

“I haven’t been with anyone in a while… but I don’t know if [celibate’s] the word to use because I still use a vibrator.”—Teairra
TMI, Teairra. T. M. I.

“He lied to me and at this point, I just need to move on with my life.”—Nikki
Nikki is dusting her hands clean of her relationship with Mally Mall. And that’s a wrap!

“Three snaps to the money honey, let’s get it!”—Moniece
Moniece is going hard for her sex toy company (selling what she calls “hot dicks”) while trying to secure $130K from Fizz.

“I feel like Martin Lawrence in a thin line between love and hate.”—Berg
After LHHH’s Darnell gives Hazel a beat (the instrumental kind), she sings a special ode to Berg.

“No more going to jail, no more people accusing you of grabbing body parts and it starts right here in that cup.”—Princess
Princess reappears after hearing of Ray J’s arrest and frequent outbursts. During her mini-intervention, Princess tells Ray to turn down.

“She might be the one to take me off the market for good”—Ray J
Ray plans to build an empire with his Princess. He even mentions going half on some kids.

Do you care more about the pictures or because he don’t fucking want you?”—Masika
Masika is done playing the “sweet bitch” in Hazel’s life. Clearly, she’s salty over anything involving Berg.

“You always diving into trash looking for bitches left over. Fall back, shawty. Stop riding my nigga and get your own.”—Hazel
Hazel does have a point. Masika went from Mally Mall to now, Berg? Way to keep it in the family.

Didn’t I tell you bitch!- Moniece
“Whore-Manda” spewed insult after insult when she confronted Moniece for flirting with her baby daddy. After Amanda accuses Moniece of being an unfit mother, Moniece claps back, even calling on the Lord to calm her down before she snatched up a huge chunk of Amanda’s hair.